Healthy Aging NC

An Initiative of the NC Center for Health & Wellness (NCCHW) at UNC Asheville.

Established in 2016, Healthy Aging NC serves as North Carolina’s Statewide Resource for Evidence-Based Programs and provides support to North Carolina’s 16 Area Agencies on Aging and other clinical and community based organizations to help develop, integrate, and sustain health and wellness program delivery to improve the quality of life, healthcare costs, outcomes, and overall wellness of all adults in North Carolina. 


For more information and programs, visit our website:

The Healthy Aging NC website:

  • Connects people to the programs and agencies that improve community health
  • Increases the capacity of providers to offer these programs
  • Maintains the website with current program information and online registration systems
  • Collects and analyzes data to report results
  • Free platform for agencies offering classes and participants to enroll online
  • Access to healthy aging resources, webinars, training, and current news

Training Academies

  • Provide agencies with access to reduced-cost master and leader training
  • Offer technical assistance and support to ensure programs demonstrate effectiveness

Resource Development

  • Offer training and support for creating inclusive and culturally competent programs
  • Support innovation in the areas of clinical-community integration, programming across the continuum of care, and referral pathways
  • Resources include: lessons learned; sample media and marketing templates; and continuum of care toolkits for programs.

Data and Reports

  • Reduce administrative burden of agencies offering programs with data entry, analysis, and reporting

Community Support Activities

We support Living Healthy Programs by offering free and low-cost master and leader training in collaboration with the Centralina Training Academy. Between 2016-18, together we co-hosted three in-person and two online master trainings, engaging 58 new master trainers.

We support Tai Chi for Arthritis programs by offering free and low-cost leader training in collaboration with the High Country training academy. In 2018, we co-hosted two leader training sessions, creating 35 new leaders across NC and offering skill builders to support quality and safety.

We create linkages between healthcare systems and community based organizations through innovative projects, regional coalition convening, presentations, and exhibits. 

We provide training and support to help agencies reach marginalized populations. Activities include: adding cultural competence and disability inclusion to training, maintaining inclusion toolkits on our website, and sharing experiences reaching faith communities, migrants, and rural employers.

We support efficiency and effectiveness of evidence-based programs by collaborating with the NC Division of Aging & Adult Services to ensure that: programs are offered with fidelity, providers meet the requirements to achieve health outcomes, and the accountability of all resources.