McDowell County Worksite Wellness Project

The NC Center for Health and Wellness announces the release of the McDowell County Worksite Wellness Project: Report on the Results of the McDowell County Employee Survey and Employer/Employee Interviews.

Chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are significant drivers of health care costs in the U.S, North Carolina. Reaching adults to reduce chronic disease risk factors in the workplace is an important public health strategy. Most adults work and spend considerable waking hours at work.

Comprehensive worksite-based health promotion programs have proven effective in not only helping employees reduce health behavior risks, but also improving morale and job satisfaction, increasing productivity, and helping to maintain or control health care costs.

As a way to address these issues of workplace wellness program’s affects on workers health, the Carolina Collaborative for Research on Work and Health, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health worked with McDowell County to develop a study around of McDowell County worker and workplace health.

The NCCHW staff played a significant part in the research findings of this study having spent the Spring of 2015 in the field conducting surveys with employees and employers within McDowell County.

The release of these findings aim to help address chronic diseases within the entire population of McDowell County by including an important focus on worker and workplace health. By understanding the key concerns in worker health, this report provides top recommendations on how McDowell County might consider when developing worker health programs.

Findings from this study and recommendations have been presented to the McDowell Economic Development Association, Inc. (MEDA), McDowell County Health Coalition, and the McDowell Chamber of Commerce in part to help curb the chronic disease affecting McDowell County.

With a concentrated countywide effort, that includes a strong workplace-based focus; it is possible that the overall health of McDowell County residents can be improved over time.

Read the full study and findings.