Impact Maps

Total Workshops:

The following map represents the combined impact of the NC Center for Health and Wellness initiatives statewide from June 2015 to May 2018.  All 100 counties in North Carolina were reached by at least one NCCHW initiative by December 2017. In those three years, over twelve hundred workshops were offered statewide including: Culture of Results (Results Based Accountability), Falls Prevention (A Matter of Balance and Tai Chi for Arthritis) and the Chronic Disease Self-Management suite of programs (Living Healthy with Chronic Disease, Living Healthy with Chronic Pain, Living Healthy with Diabetes).


The maps below indicate amount of impact achieved per NCCHW program.


Culture of Results:

From 2017-2018, Culture of Results tracked the trainings, workshops and planning sessions hosted in each county to understand the breadth of services offered statewide. In 2019, NCCHW began tracking impact differently, looking instead at the counties represented at each training (counting each county participating only once for a specific event).

Most Culture of Results trainings, workshops and planning sessions are focused on specific contract and grant projects, and thus services can be concentrated in some counties.

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Chronic Disease Self-Management:

CDSME has conducted a total of 410 workshops during the past few years to teach people about living with chronic disease, chronic pain, and diabetes. The counties without color are targeted growth areas for 2020.

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Falls Prevention:

The Falls Prevention Coalition has offered 533 total workshops over the past three years. These workshops include "A Matter or Balance" and "Tai Chi for Arthritis." The counties without color are targeted growth areas for 2020.

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