Culture of Results

“Results provide a common purpose that brings people together.  Results can transform processes… restore people’s hope about what is possible, and lead to the kind of solutions that only come from a diverse group of partners working together.”
-Mark Friedman, Creator of Results-based Accountability

Culture of Results Description

Through the Culture of Results Initiative, the North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness (NCCHW) works with local, regional and state partners to assess impact, strengthen coordination, and improve programs and systems statewide.

Culture of Results (COR) provides evidence-based training and technical support to state-wide and regional initiatives, as well as local public health departments, hospitals, clinics, universities, and community providers and groups. COR applies key aspects of empowerment evaluation— providing evaluation as part of an ongoing planning process to support client self-determination and empowerment and organizational capacity building. Clients are participants who develop the skills and capacity to evaluate their own services to adapt, improve, expand, and communicate the impact of their work and their contribution to the health and wellbeing of the population.

Culture of Results team members engage partner organizations in learning and using Results-based Accountability (RBA) and its evidence-based, common sense tools to plan and evaluate their projects and services. RBA is a framework for moving from talk to action quickly and methodically. RBA has been recognized by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Health (NIH) and departments and agencies across North Carolina as an effective practice for evaluation and planning.

Our Approach

  • Culture of Results provides training in simple exercises that can easily be used again and again to strengthen capacity of programs to plan and evaluate their own work.
  • Services are tailored to fit each client’s cultures, strengths and needs. Packages can be modified to blend trainings with technical support to build upon existing team assets and work within resource constraints.
  • Culture of Results applies Results-based Accountability (RBA), an evidence-based, action-oriented, and data-driven framework to improve population health and wellbeing and program performance.
  • RBA helps participants establish common ground and common language among diverse groups, making planning more inclusive.
  • RBA enables programs and organizations to focus on action, critical collaborations, and quality data for transparency and accountability, making it well suited to cross-sector collective impact work.
  • Technical support helps clients co-create evaluations to meet specific grant, government, or internal reporting requirements.
  • Culture of Results is an initiative of the North Carolina Center for Health & Wellness and brings a health equity lens to promote fair opportunities across the state.
  • As part of UNC Asheville, Culture of Results leverages the strength of the University’s community engagement efforts and academic programs, including faculty and student research and expertise.

Our Impact

The NCCHW Culture of Results initiative has helped programs measure and expand impact; community-wide initiatives with visioning, action planning and evaluation to sustain and grow funding; hospitals and health departments strengthen their community health improvement efforts; and regional policy makers collaborate to share best practices for collective action across the state. From 2017-2018, Culture of Results trained over 1,000 individuals from 430 agencies in evidence-based planning and evaluation methods.

Prospective Partners

NCCHW partners with numerous groups, agencies, and coalitions to help support research, planning, and evaluation efforts. We can help your team better measure impact, align efforts, demonstrate results, improve over time, and build sustainability. The level of training and support provided can be tailored to expand your existing capacity, support your needs, and fit your budget. We work through both grants and contracts.

Please see the menu of the Culture of Results (COR) consulting services, which are available to build your capacity to implement Results-based Accountability (RBA) planning and evaluation exercises and other evidence-based tools.  Contact us to request a consulting quote or discuss an opportunity for collaboration.

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Emma C. Olson, LMSW, MPH
Director of Partnerships and Evaluation
NC Center for Health and Wellness, UNC Asheville ~ (828) 258-7715